"Wolf by Wolf" by Ryan Graudin

*Wolf by Wolf" is the February pick for the Meet The Author Book Club that meets the first Monday of every month - new members are always welcome! We'll be Skyping with Ryan Graudin on Feb 6 from 6-7 PM.

Meet Yael, a concentration camp survivor. She spent her childhood in a concentration camp, and endured horrific medical experiments. It is the result of these experiments, and the way they changed her on many different levels, that lay the basis for the story.

Fast forward to 1956, to a world where the Axis powers had won World War II. The Third Reich and the Japan Imperial army are the most powerful nations on the planet. Despite hundreds of assassination attempts by the Resistance, Adolf Hitler remains in power.

The Axis powers put on a motorcycle race every year, called the Axis Tour, where the riders must race from Germany to Japan. The winner has a fancy ball thrown in his or her honor, and both Axis leaders attend.

Yael escaped from the concentration camp while she was still young, and was found by members of the Resistance. She wholeheartedly joined their cause, determined to help stamp out the evil that had taken over much of the world. She has a “gift” of sorts that is perfect for helping the Resistance, and winning the race is crucial to the plan. However, the Axis Tour is no easy feat- it’s a long, exhausting race fraught with peril, mostly from attacks and sabotage by the other riders. It takes all of Yael’s strength, skill and cunning to make it to the end, and her moral compass is tested along each step.

The ending is shocking, and yet, obvious at the same time. It will immediately make you want to grab the second book and continue reading Yael’s story.