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Full STEAM Ahead @ TFL

TREP was a grant-funded program housed at Tully Elementary School that provided free enrichment programs for children and families in the Tully area. TREP has been renamed Full STEAM Ahead @ TFL and is now a program conducted by the Tully Free Library. We are excited at this opportunity to expand enrichment opportunities in our community!

Classes meet at the Tully Free Library. Homeschooled children and children near Tully (Fabius, Pompey, etc.) are welcome to join.

We've gotten great feedback from parents about their kids' experiences in Full STEAM Ahead:

  • "Both of my boys had a great time and are looking forward to the next semester! Thank you so much!"

  • "Great program!"

  • "The Full Steam Ahead program peaked my children's interest. It was amazing how excited they were to "show off" all their learning that was done at the program at the open house. Great job and much appreciated! Thank you!"

In addition to classes, Full STEAM Ahead @ TFL also sponsors free special events and field trips for families. We will expand destinations beyond previous field trips to The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester and The Wild Animal Park in Chittenango. 

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Please CLICK HERE to register for Fall 2019 classes!

Fall 2019 classes start October 7. Registration is required and space is limited.  It is advised that participants bring a snack to eat before we start, and that participants attend every class so they will not miss key elements of the program.  
These programs will take place at Tully Free Library.

At the end of the semester on Monday, December 16 from 6-7 PM we will be holding an open house for families and the community to see the accomplishments of the participants during our semester together.


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