Hello Team,

I have prepared a list and instructions to get started weeding again. The weeding list is in a white binder under the desk where the Timesheets binder is kept. Please go through the list and evaluate items as potential weeding candidates when you have the time. We need to weed at least 340 items from the list. I would like our first pass through the list to be completed by October 10th.

Some areas to focus on might include the JE section, where we're literally out of space, and the non-fiction section, which may have content areas that are out of date.

Let me know if you have any questions about the weeding project, or need help with Polaris to find out more information about certain items.


Weeding Guidelines

The items on the list have already matched the following criteria:

ü  They were added to the collection before 2012.

ü  They were last circulated before 2013.

ü  They circulated no more than 7 times during in total.

When deciding to weed a work from this list, you may use Polaris to determine the following additional criteria to help guide your decision. You may also employ additional criteria that you deem appropriate. Use your own discretion in deciding whether or not to ultimately weed the work.

·         Is the work a part of a series, and is that series still actively checked out?

·         Is the work the only copy in the system (or the only copy in addition to a copy at Central)?

·         Is the work a literary classic, or other notable work that should be retained despite its age and low circulation?

·         Is the author/creator of the work a local resident?

·         Does the work relate to events or information important to residents of Tully, such as local history?

·         If the work is non-fiction, is the information in it still current and valuable?

Working with the Weed List

Go through the list and verify the following:

Ø  Indicate the items you worked on by initialing the items on the list you worked on, or the span of items on the list you worked on, so that the next person will know where to start.

Ø  Verify the book exists. If you can’t find the book on the shelf after a thorough search, mark the item on the Weeding List with a question mark “?” to indicate it is lost.

Ø  If you decide to keep the book, do not mark the item.

Ø  If you decide the book should be weeded, then mark the item on the list with a box “□”

o   This box will be checked by the volunteer who eventually pulls the book to process the weed.

Weeding Goal: We need to weed at least 20% of the works on this list to free up shelf space. That means about 340 of the works on the list.