It has been determined that we have some communication problems. Frequently staff members will find that they don't know about a program, event or policy change that has occurred, and it's unclear where to get that information. On my side of things, I have struggled to remember to whom I have given what information, and to make certain that information is complete and consistent despite the various ways we communicate. For these reason, I am implementing a formal memo system.

When there is information relating to a library policy, program, or news that must be understood by all members of the staff, that information will be given in the form of a numbered Memo. Memos will be emailed to staff email addresses. Staff members are expected to check their email near the beginning of every shift they work, and read memos that come in as they arrive.

In addition to emails, I will be storing an archive of all memos hidden on our website. Go to tullyfreelibrary.org/memo and enter the password: memo. As memos will often include information and talking points about programs that may be difficult to remember, this archive will serve as a quick way to refresh your memory on something that may come up at the desk.

For this first memo, please reply to this email to confirm that you've read and understand what our new memos are all about.