On June 2nd, every patron of our library whose address lies outside of Onondaga County was converted into an OnPass Patron. The OnPass Program is OCPL's solution to the issue of out-of-system users, who created unmanageable strain for the NOPL and Liverpool libraries. This replaces the older policy, which would have charged out of area patrons a $35 annual fee for use of the library.

OnPass cards are free and may be used at all OnPass participating libraries. We are one such a library, as are all member and system libraries with the exception of the NOPL libraries and Liverpool. By far the key point that we should stress to patrons affected by this change is that it will not affect their privileges in any significant way.

OnPass patrons will still be able to check out materials, use our computers, attend our programs and place holds on materials from other libraries, and all other participating libraries.

Note: We should always create holds from Bib Records and not Item Records. If we created an hold for an OnPass Patron on an item at either NOPL or Liverpool, they would never get the hold.

OnPass patrons should have a little orange dot sticker on their card, near the barcode. Check the patron type in the upper right of the patron window on check-out. If they are an OnPass Patron, place an orange stick on their card if one has not already been placed there.

If a patron who lives outside of Onondaga County applies for a library card, be certain to issue them an OnPass card. This is a three-step-process.

  1. Change their branch from "Tully Free Library" to "OnPass"
  2. Change their patron-type from "Patron" to "Onpass Patron"
  3. Place an orange sticker on their card, near the barcode.

There are a number of exceptions to the rule that everyone from out-of-county must be an OnPass Patron. If a patron meets any of the criteria below, change their Branch and PatronType back to "Tully Free Library" and "Patron" using their registration screen:

  • If the patron owns property and pays property taxes inside Onondaga county.
  • If the patron resides in a school district whose taxes support a OCPL Member library. (Folks from Preble who live inside the Tully School district are exempt.)
  • If the patron is a member of the Skaneateles School District that is in Cayuga county.
  • If the patron is enrolled in any school, college or university that is physically located in the county.

Below are a review of the key points that may come up in a conversation with a patron:

  • There is no fee for an OnPass card.
  • We treat OnPass patrons exactly the same as other patrons, as do most other libraries in the system.
  • The only real difference is that OnPass patrons will not be able to use the services at the NOPL libraries and the Liverpool library. If they wish to use these libraries, they will have to go to them and pay a $35 fee to do so.