Flyer Adult Summer Reading Bingo.png


Adults - this year you get to join in the fun too! We are partnering with LaFayette Public Library to bring you Summer Reading Bingo. 

How does Adult Summer Reading Bingo Work?

  • Pick up your Bingo card at either Tully or LaFayette library starting Monday, June 17.

  • Fill out your Bingo card with the title and author of the books you read. Audio books count!

  • Any row - across, down or diagonal - counts. Or you can go for multiple rows or the whole card! Each one of these makes you eligible for a drawing for a prize (to be announced soon!)

  • A full card will make you eligible for the grand prize - (to be announced soon!)

  • By August 31, return your card to either library in Tully or LaFayette. Raffle drawings will be in early September.