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Need help with software-related questions about computers, tablets, smart phones and TechStar? You can either stop into the library and we can try to assist you (we'll refer you to our tech guru, Marlesha, if needed). Or, click here to make an appointment with us.


TechStar is a special opportunity for residents of Tully and surrounding areas to improve their technical job skills and receive FREE professional Microsoft Office certification through the Tully Free Library. Any library card holder in Onondaga County can take online courses on, which includes courses on mastering Microsoft Office. Participants in TechStar will be able to apply the skills they gain through these courses to a Microsoft Office Specialist [MOS] certification in the program of their choice.

How do I get started?

First things first, please sign up for the TechStar program by filling out the form below with your name, email or phone number. We will email you to let you know about details of the program, such as when workshops are scheduled and when certification practices exams and full exams are scheduled. If you're ready to sit for a practice test, sign up using the 'test signup' button below.

Getting Started with

  • Click the logo below to be taken to, the site with over 3000 courses in computer software, design and more.
  • Enter your library card number and pin code when prompted. If you have forgotten your pin, come to the library and we can reset it for you.
  • Choose the program you wish to master. Search for the course you want in the search bar at the top of the site.
    • For Microsoft Word, we recommend Word 2013 Essential Training
    • For Microsoft Excel, we recommend Excel 2013 Essential Training
    • For Microsoft PowerPoint, we recommend PowerPoint 2013 Essential Training
    • If you are looking for help on general computer use, you might be interested in Computer Literacy for Windows, which includes a basic overview of word-processors like Word and spreadsheets like Excel.
  • Don't have a computer or internet connection?
    • Come to the library and use our new laptops to take the classes of your choice and practice with Microsoft programs.

Click the image below or this link to access

Click the logo to connect and get started with your courses.

Click the logo to connect and get started with your courses.


Once you feel that you are ready to try for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification, come to the library and sign up to take a practice test on a library computer. This test will simulate the experience of the MOS certification exam to get you familiar with it and to assess your performance on the test. You may take as many practice tests for as many programs as you wish. When you have scored above 700 on a practice test and feel confident you are ready for the exam, you may sign up at the library to sit for the exam at a time that is convenient for you.

Our thanks go to the Padget Family for their generous contributions that made TechStar possible.

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