Our Mission

The mission of the Tully Free Library is to facilitate creation, collaboration and exploration in our community by providing access to the world of information and ideas.

2016 Budget

The proposed 2016 levy for the Tully Free Library is $158,307. Thank you all for your generous support of this budget. We look forward to all that we can offer in the coming year.

This increase includes:

  • A 56% increase in library program spending. We commit to higher quality and more frequent library events and programs.
  • An 8.5% increase in library materials spending, expanding the quality and diversity of materials available to circulate.
  • A 1.3% increase in payroll and other operating costs.


A commitment to our core services

Library materials and programming: These represent our core services and the largest share of the increase. Youth science fair, Tech Star for job skills, Space Program…we’re a community hub for the exploration of ideas and information. The 56% boost in our programming budget increases the number and quality of educational, informative and entertaining programs and events at Tully Free Library in 2016. Likewise we remain committed to making a high-quality, diverse collection of books, movies, music and electronics available to you and all our patrons, thus increasing our budget for library materials by 8.5% over last year.