Why all the images of outer space? Volunteer to learn the secret...

Why all the images of outer space? Volunteer to learn the secret...

Summer is coming

Despite the long and chilling winter we've had, the Tully Free Library is hard at work preparing for the summer. This includes all new programs for children, teens and adults. We need your help to make these programs great.


If you would be interested in running any kind of program, for adults, teens, or kids, please fill out the form below and we'll find a time for your to share your talents and know-how with the community! There has been interest expressed in art, calligraphy, science and technology topics and knitting, just to name a few. Consider running a summer-book club with your friends!  You don't have to have an idea for a program if you'd like to help. Let us know if you'd like to help with an existing program and we'll find a place for you.


Teens. We've got some exciting plans for you this summer. We also want your input and support in helping to develop and run our growing empire...erm...programs. Gain valuable and diverse work experience, log volunteer hours, give back to your community and, above all, have lots of fun this summer by volunteering at the library.

Volunteer Form

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If you have an idea for a program you'd like to run at the library, or how you like to volunteer, please let us know here.